Frozen Jr. The Musical at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

Frozen Jr. The Musical Tickets

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Your ticket to astounding musical entertainment has arrived now that we are selling tickets for the Sunday 27th October 2019 premiere of Frozen Jr. The Musical live on the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre stage. This marks the best chance to see one of the unrivalled performers on this side of the country for the October show that Grand Rapids music fans can’t afford to miss. Even if you are not a long time fan of Broadway musicals, you will love the powerful stage presence and musical talent that can only come from Frozen Jr. The Musical. Every time they get on stage, new fans are made, and social media buzzes with the rave reviews. So don’t miss out! Click the Buy Tickets button below and order your tickets to catch Frozen Jr. The Musical live on Sunday 27th October 2019 only at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.

Frozen Jr. The Musical at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

The very best acts in musical theatre come to Grand Rapids Civic Theatre for all of their Grand Rapids, Michigan appearances. Not only does the venue offer a great stage that’s perfect for intricate set designs and costumes, but the acoustics and lighting is clear enough to offer audiences a great view from any seat in the house. The venue itself is welcoming with rich decoration and the friendliest staff in the state. But let’s not forget that the great experience with Grand Rapids Civic Theatre begins before you arrive, as the venue is within walking distance of safe parking and the best restaurants and bars in town. So make an evening out of your Sunday night and visit Grand Rapids Civic Theatre for any of their upcoming shows.

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