Matilda – The Musical at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

Matilda - The Musical Tickets

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre | Grand Rapids, Michigan

It is finally here: the show everyone has been waiting for: Matilda – The Musical is coming to Grand Rapids. And they say dreams don’t come true. Well, this March they sure will! Get ready, this will be an event the whole city will be talking about! And what a better place for such an epic Sunday night to take place than Grand Rapids Civic Theatre: the Michigan favorite venue. Fans from all over the country are gathering to see something they may never forget: their favorite Matilda – The Musical, and believe me, you will want to be one of them, as this supreme night of entertainment will be all Grand Rapids talks about. Tickets are selling out fast, so make sure you get yours by clicking the button above and becoming one of the lucky fans to see Matilda – The Musical at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre this Sunday 1st March 2020 !

Matilda - The Musical at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

This March on Sunday 1st March 2020, the infamous Grand Rapids Civic Theatre is bringing the thunder when they play host to Matilda – The Musical which critics are saying will be the favorite of 2020. With patrons already rushing the ticket stands to get incredible seats for this show, it’s easy to see that this show will sell out FAST. But did you know that this event is drawing in audiences for more than simply the unforgettable action? That’s because the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre offers their fans and guests a wide variety of benefits and services that make this the most popular arena in town for your Sunday evening entertainment. Not only will you stay refreshed with your choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages served by the unforgettable bartending staff, but you’ll also be able to experience fine dining with your choice of five-star restaurants and bars on the same street and block as the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. If you demand style and comfort from your venues, then you can rest assured that you’ll have it, as the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre also offers intimate seating, elegant decor and design, and a staff that will treat you like an A-list Celebrity. So, if you’re searching for the ultimate in entertainment, you can have it on Sunday 1st March 2020 when you see Matilda – The Musical at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. To make sure you don’t miss out, click the Buy Tickets button below and secure your tickets now!

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