Matilda – The Musical at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

Matilda - The Musical Tickets

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Are you sick of wishing you had some more of those epic stories to tell? Well, wait no more! Grand Rapids Civic Theatre is very proud to announce that it will be hosting THE event to go to in 2020: Matilda – The Musical in Michigan! And they are coming to leave their mark! Famous for blowing away the crowd with absolutely unforgettable live entertainment shows, Matilda – The Musical have once again promised to deliver the best quality show. So get yourself a ticket and be the one to tell THE MOST epic story of 2020!

Matilda - The Musical at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

When the most iconic musical stars come to perform in Grand Rapids, Michigan their first choice of venue is always Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. Not only it provides a wide stage with excellent acoustics to deliver crisp and clear sounds to each of their patrons, but the performers also appreciate the staff’s professional work in making their patrons feel like true celebs themselves. From the very second you enter the front door, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff who will gladly help you through a flawless night out. You’ll be impressed by the authentic decor and welcoming atmosphere that provides a truly comforting experience. And last, but not least, after taking your seat (regardless of its position in the hall), you’ll be pleased to notice the crystal-clear sightlines to the show. You simply can’t go wrong with Grand Rapids Civic Theatre for all your live musical needs. Still waiting?

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