Please enter the below address into your cars satellite navigation system to make your journey easier:
30 Division Avenue N, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503, USA
Note that traffic nearing Grand Rapids Civic Theatre is often busier than normal around the time of popular events.Plan accordingly!

Are you driving into the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre? Then read on for directions and parking information to make your visit easier.


GRCT is located in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. You can get there just north of Fulton Street on Division Ave. The Theatre is accessed off US 131 making it convenient to most locations in Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities.

Street Parking

Most metered street parking options are free after 6:00 pm daily and on most weekends. Monitoring hours may be verified via the schedule posted on the actual parking meter. Be sure to check your meters to avoid fines and charges.

Construction Traffic Parking

At this time, construction is commending along Division Avenue between Monroe Mall and Fountain Street. Grand Rapids has re-routed traffic on Division and eliminates turns on to Library from Division Avenue. So if you are planning to use the Ellis Parking Lot or access the theater, you will need to go from the east on Library.

Reserved Parking

If you want to save yourself time or avoid metered parking, you can reserve your space ahead of time at the Ellis Parking Lot. You can visit their website to reserve your space in Grand Rapids Civic Theatre 9-17 Library parking lot, directly across from the venue.

Reserved parking will cost you $18.25 per show or event.